How did you get so lucky?

I get a lot of questions from my customers about being an Entrepreneur. The most popular one is “How do you like having your own business?”

“It’s good. I’m tired, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” is my go-to response. It’s honest, and it’s simple.

I don’t go into the nitty gritty of running a business because it’s not what they need to hear. I want my customers to have a positive, low-stress, good vibes only shopping experience. I tend to avoid telling them that I’ve had paint in my hair for a week, I just ate a sandwich I found in my Jeep, I’ve been avoiding my e-mails for 3 days and I have a pile of awards I haven’t even hung up to enjoy yet.

But there is one question that leaves me speechless.

I know that it is innocent and a genuine question, but I can’t help but want to slap someone silly when they ask an Entrepreneur “How did you get so lucky?”

Whoa whoa whoa, back it up, reign it in.

We don’t go home at night and rub our gold lamps and eat our fucking lucky charms.

We’ve worked. Hard.

We’ve cried tears of pain, tears of joy, and tears of exhaustion.

We work day in and day out.

We really do “Work, work, work, work, work.” werk werk

Lol thanks Rhi Rhi.

We’ve taken the risks and we’ve dreamnt big.

I decided to look up the definition of an Entrepreneur, and this is what I was given.

Now that’s pretty one dimensional. We have layers, like onions. We’re layered as fuck. So I would like to add my own layers to that definition;
  • We are risk takers in general. Every day, every decision, every success and every failure falls on our shoulders alone.
  • We will probably punch you if you ask us “What’s it like to make your own hours?” I don’t fucking know, lady. I haven’t clocked out since 2014.
  • We can’t stop, we won’t stop. The Entrepreneurial brain is one of perseverance. We make it through whatever storm is sent our way, and we do it to prove to no one other than ourselves that we can.
  • We might deny it, but we thrive a teeny bit off chaos.
  • We don’t love it, but we understand and respect the art of Delayed Gratification.
  • We don’t love our mistakes, but we learn to utilize them for personal growth. We face a set back, and we recover stronger. Repeat.
  • We sacrifice. We let go of a normal life and the strive for stability to chase our passions and our ideas.
  • And what defines us from the rest, is we don’t search for the solution. We create it.

So don’t ask us how we got so lucky. Because beyond our smiling Facebook photos, and cool demeanor, there is blood, there is sweat, and there is tears.

We love our business and we love our customers; so we stay up late, we get up early. We put in 80 to avoid 40. We are passionate about working hard to be able to say to our customers each and every day,

“It’s good. I’m tired. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”



The Unconventional Entrepreneur

Here we are, finally. After years of saying it over and over, I’ve finally got a blog.

Now what?

I guess I will start with, Why?

I’m Kandice. I run a successful boutique in beautiful London, Ontario. I feature over 90 small businesses, have a great location and one fantastic employee.  We call her MK.

I asked her to send me a selfie, and as always she got right to it.


If you’ve never “Been” to The Been Garden, make sure you check us out! (See what I did there) for Online Shopping!

From an outside perspective, my life is pretty fantastic. I have my own business, and I love it. I’m happily single. A mom to 2 crazy but great boys, and I’m always out there doing fun shit. The reality of it is most of that is actually true.

I believe you get back what you put out there, and since I really kicked that into gear these last 6 months, they have been the best of my life.

But like us all, I have my days. Ohhhhhh lord do I have my days. And that’s where my blog comes in. I don’t share my opinion a lot on social media.

Why? Because I’m a fucking professional. I believe people should have the choice to hear your personal opinions, or the choice to NOT hear them. So here we are, click follow me for mine if you’re into it.

In a nutshell, you’ll be reading about;

  • Entrepreneurial Life
  • A lot of the Do’s and Don’ts of it (All in my own opinion of course)
  • Motherhood. I am not very maternal so these ones will be an interesting read.
  • Business Relationships
  • My favourite things. Products, Places, Whatever.
  • My Opinions. Publicly, for everyone. Get ready for them.
  • Anything else I feel like talking about.

Because this is my space.